Presidents Message

February 2019

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Dear Colleagues,

After a significant amount of work, we are finally in a position to go live with the new ACostE website, backed up by a suite of on-line tools and a new membership administration system that will reduce the workload in the office. Please take the time to log on to the new site and forward any comments or suggestions for improvement. We have quite a few new members on Council, and will be including features on the whole of the leadership team in the coming months. We have reinvigorated the Company Membership Committee and are setting up a group for people new to the industry, initially called ‘Inspiring Professional Excellence’ and made up of invited members. However, we will be expanding the group to include other interested people – and will be tasking them with a variety of actions to improve our social media profile and bring us news & events closer to our membership.

We are a Learned Society that exists to promote the art and science of cost engineering in all its forms (cost of time, cost of resource, cost of risk, etc.). We need to ensure that we remain relevant to our members, and we can only do that with your feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any suggestions, queries, or offers of assistance. 

Angela Pammenter 
President, ACostE