Scottish Region

General Information

Welcome to the Scottish Region.  This region is newly revived in 2016 with an invite to discuss whether a region should exist and network


The current committee for the Southern Region consists of the following members:

Chairman: Debbie Rye

Debbie joined the Association in 2011 as an Associate Member, soon attending meetings in the North East when possible.  Debbie became a full member in 2013 and decided to enquire when possible whether a Scottish Region could exist.  

Initial meeting in 2016

Other Committee members

We would welcome interest from any member who would like to join the committee and bring in new suggestions for lectures and social events.


 We have been in various Locations Renfrew, Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

We intend to have meetings in other locations to try and ensure the full membership in Scotland has some access to a meeting at some point. Meetings usually have tea and coffee and some food available. Meetings tend to start around 6pm – 6.30pm to give everyone enough time to travel, the meetings finishing before 8pm. We meet normally where there is a bar available for further discussions and socialising after the meeting has closed.

Programme of Events

There are normally two technical meetings held over the winter period and one social meeting held over the summer at present.  We intend to increase this if required.

Current topics and dates are provided in the Diary section of the Journal and in this website future events section. 

Members are invited to bring non-members to any of the events.