About Us

ACostE represents the professional interests of those with responsibility, at all levels, for the prediction, planning and control of resources and cost for activities that involve engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

The wide diversity of disciplines represented by the ACostE includes:

  • Cost Engineers
  • Project Control Managers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Planning Engineers
  • Accountants
  • Value Engineers
  • Project and Product Managers
  • Estimators
  • Commercial Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Contracts Engineers

and many more.....

The Association is a Professional Affiliate of the Engineering Council and, currently, has an agreement with the Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE) to enable suitably qualified members of the ACostE to achieve registration with the Engineering Council as Chartered Engineers (CEng), Incorporated Engineers (IEng), Engineering Technicians (EngTech) and Information and Communications Technology Technicians (ICTTech). The Association’s status as an Engineering Council Professional Affiliate is renewed every 5 years and is up for renewal in the coming year.

The ACostE Council have agreed that all members, including registrants, are required to practice Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and, to this end, has adopted the Engineering Council’s MyCareerPath® computer based system.

Code of Conduct

Members are governed by a Code of Conduct s which meets the requirements of the Engineering Council and the International Cost Engineering Council. This Code of Conduct covers professional integrity, ethical behaviour, compliance with laws and regulations and enhancing and protecting the standing of the profession.


To provide services for members to enable them to advance in, and to promote the application of, scientific principles and techniques in the disciplines of: Estimating, Monitoring Controlling and Reporting Cost, Resources & Logistics, Planning, Scheduling, Risk, Investment Appraisal and Profitability of Engineering Activities, Products and Projects. Together these are defined as COST ENGINEERING.


The methods employed to ensure our objectives are met include:-

  • Promotion and development of Cost Engineering as a recognised discipline of engineering technology
  • Provide means to develop, exchange and disseminate standards, methods and data relating to Cost Engineering
  • To provide recognised standards of attainment in the practise of Cost Engineering
  • To set up and maintain proper standards of ethics of its members in the practice of Cost Engineering
  • To sponsor, support and engage in education and vocational training to assist in the recruitment and advancement of Cost Engineers, and those associated with the profession.
  • To provide and support a range of qualifications /accreditation through to certified /chartered status, and to monitor and encourage continuous professional development (CPD).
  • To work closely with industry & commerce to ensure that Cost Engineering and its professionals are key in ensuring improved efficiency and continued economic development.
  • To co-operate with other UK & International bodies having objectives cognate with those of the Association, and to liaise with other similar bodies for the purpose of the reciprocal exchange of information.
  • As a member of ICEC (The International Cost Engineering Council) assist in the continued development of the profession for benefit of all.
  • To promote and support networking via the running of seminars, conferences or meetings and all other forms of communication to pursue the objectives
  • Provide access to information and professional expertise
  • As a licensed Affiliate of the Engineering Council, support members of the Association in pursuing registration as Chartered and Incorporated Engineers, Engineering Technicians and as Information and Communications Technology Technicians and support their professional roles and carrying out their continuing professional development.


A board of directors and council, elected by the members, spearheads the associations operations. Activities of the association are carried out by Special Interest Groups, Working Groups and Committees. These provide the knowledge and expertise together with the library and administration office staff for the operation of the association. Communication is either direct or through forums, the web site, journal and networks and we welcome member and non-member comments for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Click here to download the ACostE Brochure.


The ACostE, as an incentive to fulfill part of its objectives, awards four prizes as a reward for original thought, and ideas in the fields of Cost Engineering.

These are:

  • The Pates Prize which is awarded for outstanding and meritorious contribution to the Advancement of Cost Engineering
  • The Tony Jarvis Award which is presented to the author of the best paper published in The Cost Engineer
  • The John Christensen Prize which is awarded to the best essay submitted to the Council each year by a Graduate or Student member
  • John Herbert Award which is presented for services to the Association over a prolonged period for someone who has made a major contribution to the high standing of the Association.