International Committee

1.Introduction & Purpose

The Association is an Organisation that provides a range of Institutional Services for its members. The International Committee provides The Association with a focal point for all dealings/liaison with events and activities outside the UK.

2. Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the International Committee are to:

2.1. Ensure that the Association and its Membership are adequately represented within the International Project Controls, Quantity Surveying and Project Management communities.

2.2. Liaise with and provide awareness to other International Organisations on the Aims and Objectives of the Association.

2.3. Provide opportunities for our Members to be recognised Internationally, and thus, be accepted to work on a global basis.

3. International Facilities Provided

The Association is a Founder Member of ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council). ICEC is a worldwide confederation of national and international associations, which serve the cost engineering, quantity surveying and project management professions. ICEC was founded in 1976, and is a unique network of the knowledge and experience of some 140,000 Cost Engineering, Project Controls, Quantity Surveying and Project Management professionals in over 50 different countries.

ACostE currently Chairs the ICEC Europe and Near East Region

Current Association representation within the ICEC Council, are as follows:

  • Roger Batten – ICEC Advisory Chair
  • Alan Barltrop – Alternative ICEC Delegate
  • Alec Ray- International Chair ACostE and ICEC Delegate

The following list describes some of the main advantages obtained by the Association through its membership of ICEC:

1.Participation in a worldwide information network for exchange of cost engineering, quantity surveying, and project management information and best practices.

2.Providing worldwide congresses, meetings, forums, and seminars.

3.ICEC provides International Accreditation of Certification Programmes. Certified members may use the ICEC logo and the initials ICECA (ICEC accredited) after their name.

4.Sharing of technical journals and other publications internationally.

5.The ability to attend and participate in the activities of any ICEC society, when our members are abroad.

6.Providing a forum for professors and universities to meet and share information on cost engineering, quantity surveying and project management, education and training.

Further information on ICEC can be obtained from

4. Strategy for the future

  • The International Committee will continue to support the work of ICEC and ensure representation at ICEC Meetings, Seminars and Congresses, to ensure that the Association's views are represented.
  • To recommend to Council the signing of Agreements of Co-operation/Protocols with International Societies and other Organisations, which will enhance the status and prestige of the Association.
  • Many major Companies and Organisations are working towards the concept of global operations. The Association therefore needs to provide our members with an International perspective. The International Committee will also review how the Association can get recognition from the major International Institutions, such as:
    - UN Agencies
    - EU Agencies
    - World Bank
    - Major Financial institutions that provide Project Funding


If we can be "recognised" by these organisations, this could enable the Association to expand its membership base and provide scope for employment of Cost Engineering, Project Control, Quantity Surveying and Project Management professionals, by these Institutions and their International clients.

5. Internationl Committee: The International Committee is as follows:

  • Alec Ray- Chairman
  • Roger Batten
  • Alan Barltrop
  • The current President of the Association


6. Contacts

The International Committee can be contacted through the Associations Head Office at Sandbach, Telephone 01270 764798, or via the International Committee Chairman, Alec Ray by e-mail,