Awards Committee

A committee responsible for recognising and rewarding excellence through an awards programme.

Chairman- No chairman at present

The Association, as an incentive to fulfil part of its objectives, awards four prizes annually as a reward for original thought and ideas in the field of Cost Engineering. These are:

  • The Pates Prize, which is awarded for outstanding and meritorious contribution to the Advancement of Cost Engineering.
  • The Tony Jarvis Prize, presented to the author of the best paper published in the Association's journal.
  • The John Christensen Award (previously known as the Graduate & Student Prize), which is awarded to the best essay or article written for the ACostE journal, submitted to the Council each year by a Graduate / Student Member or Young memebr.
  • John Henry Herbert Award, which is presented for services to the Association over a prolonged period for someone who has made a major contribution to the high standing of the Association.