Presidents Message

September 2020

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Dear Colleagues,

Since the last publication of the Journal the office has reopened in Sandbach with safety measures in place and some of us have returned to the workplace in industry, the economy has restarted and our children will be returning to their educational settings in the coming month. I feel that the current pandemic has changed the new ‘normal’ and many companies and individuals have seen the change in their work-life balance working at home. Will this become the new ‘normal’?

While we are not permitted to host our conference or our regional meetings, we have been using technology to conduct meetings and webinars virtually. When writing this message the planned 10 sessions of webinars have started. These are both a networking and learning opportunity and what better way to spend your time increasing your CPD. All of the webinars are fully subscribed, but videos can be found on the ACostE website and may be re-run in the future (depending on demand; a waiting list is
held on EventBrite).

As an association we are here to provide guidance, support, accreditation and membership, to ensure that you have the professional career you want. We are
now coming out the other end of the pandemic and I wish you and your loved ones continued good health.

Take care,
Angela Pammenter,
President, ACostE