Vice Presidents Message

October 2020


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the annual printed version of the Journal. As you will see from the Annual Report, whilst the world and every individual has been impacted by the  Covid-19 pandemic, we have all been in the same storm, but not necessarily in  the same boat. The Association has suffered the resignation of four of its Directors for personal or work-related reasons, the most significant being our  President, who has also resigned. The Directors wish her well and thank her for  all she has done for the Association and likewise extend their thanks to the other three Directors. The Association has adapted to the challenges put before it and remains very  busy, particularly with its online activities that have come to the forefront of our  daily lives, ensuring regular Director, Council and regional meetings. We have delivered ten weeks of webinars to showcase the strength and depth of our membership, provided the Journal as an online downloadable document and an online membership application is due to be released shortly. We have achieved registration as End-Point Assessment Organization (EPAO) for the Level 3 Apprenticeship standard and will be continuing this pursuit when the  Level 6 Apprenticeship standard is released for delivery (imminently). This extends the Association’s assessment capabilities. This, along with the re-invigoration of the Professional Development Board (PDB), the re-invigoration of the Continuous Professional Development Committee (CPD) and the busy activities of the Accreditation Board, along with our continued pursuit for  Chartership, show the Association’s commitment to the Continued Professional Development of all of our membership and to be the association of choice for all  Project Control Professionals in all disciplines and industries. In the coming months we will be issuing our Vision Map for the future of the Association along with accelerated activities in many areas. The coming year is  going to be very busy but also extremely exciting and we are thrilled that you  will all be on the journey with us. 

Christine McLean & David Langton, Vice Presidents