Whilst Continuing Professional Development has been around for a long time, it is only more recently that its importance has become more recognised together with the need for individuals to undertake this in order to enable them to survive in the current world.

The Engineering Council having recognised the importance of Continuing Professional Development has made it a mandatory condition of their licensing of the Engineering Institutions that the Institutions monitor the CPD of their registrants with the Engineering Council.

The overall objective of CPD is for the benefit of the individual and society through the medium of life-long learning in order to update continually their professional knowledge, to improve individual career development, competitiveness and to maintain a commitment to professionalism and excellence.

ACostE have licensed the Engineering Councils web enabled CPD system for all members:

In addition, there is the need for all members of the engineering profession to develop awareness and skills in commercial and management subjects as well as assisting in furthering the formation and professional development of other members and prospective members of the profession.

To this end the Association of Cost Engineers has developed a CPD scheme for our members, which has been tried and tested upon a select band of volunteers to ensure that it is workable. The scheme is not restricted just to those who are registered with the Engineering Council and it is recommended that all members undertake CPD.

It is recognised that many have been doing this in the past, the difference now is that there is a formal scheme of recording the activities. Many employers of course run a scheme of CPD for their employees and this can be substituted or run in parallel with the scheme of the Association.

It is a requirement of the Engineering Council that those who are registered as either Chartered, Incorporated Engineers or Eng Tech undertake CPD, and this is monitored by the Association.

It is also a requirement of ICEC that all Accreditation awards holders must maintain their CPD again ACostE must monitor the Accreditation registrants CPD .

Guidance notes and a set of forms are available for download, in two formats:

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Guidance for maintaining CPD

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