Tiered Accreditation

The Tiered Accreditation programme allows practitioners to gain professional recognition of their skills and competence at an early stage and be able to progress through the various levels to full certification.


Experienced practitioners can enter at any level.

There are four levels:

                                     Enrolled Cost Engineer ECostE

                                     Registered Cost Engineer RCostE

                                     Incorporated Cost Engineer ICostE

                                     Certified Professional Cost Engineer CPCostE


The latter three levels are broadly equivalent to the Engineering Council's Engineering Technician, Incorporated Engineer and Chartered Engineer awards.

Applicants will be accepted from anyone with the appropriate qualifications and/or experience in Estimating, Cost Engineering, Scheduling or Project Controls. Applicants must be Members of the Association in order to receive an Accreditation award.

Applicants will be invited to complete an in-depth Benchmarking Pack for the appropriate level. For Incorporated and Certified Professionals levels, applicants will be invited to attend a Professional Interview. All applicants will need to identify two senior sponsors who can confirm that the qualifications, experience and evidence submitted by the applicant are appropriate and attribute to that applicant.

Where the Board is of the view that there is an outstanding development need at which the applicant is being assessed, the Board many ask for the application to be supplemented by the completion of Unites of Assessment drawn from the National Occupational Standards. The Board will use these Units of Assessment to recommend a development programme to allow individuals to progress to the next level of Accreditation.

It is a condition of use of the Accreditation that awardees maintain their Membership and demonstrate their continuing Professional Development no less than annually.

Current Fees:

                                      Applicant Administration (one off fee, any level)         £50

                                      Benchmarking Pack (each Level)                               £150

                                      Professional Interview (ICostE and CPCostE only)    £300

                                      Unit of Assessment (Max of 5 per level)                     £40 per unit

How to apply:

Download the Application Form (and Membership Application where applicable)

                                      Link to download Application Form

                                      Link to download Application Supporting Notes 

                                      Link to download Sponsor Brief 

                                      Link to Process Diagram 

Completed applications or general enquiries should be sent to:

Email to: accreditation@acoste.org.uk

By Post to: Accreditation, Association of Cost Engineers, Lea House, 5 Middlewich Road, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 1XL

Fees can be sent by post to the above address or can be made by telephoning: 01270 764 798