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Role and Objectives of the Planning function

The "Association of Cost Engineers" may seem, at first sight, an unlikely professional home for Planning Engineers. However, given the fact that the work of Planning Engineers- in all industries - essentially consists of planning activities all of which carry some cost element, it is not surprising that they need to be aware of the costs of what they are planning. All good Planning Engineers know that there may be several ways to plan a series of activities but each one may be more or less cost effective than the others. For this reason, it is natural that the generic discipline of "Cost Engineering" embraces Planning as part of the process, just as it embraces Risk Management, Value Management, Change Control etc.

The Association is very keen to communicate to Planning Engineers that, in the competitive and demanding business world in which we operate, it is important to keep up to date with developments, practices, policies and techniques, and equally important to make ourselves as marketable as possible. Being a member of a professional body is a key part of this process, and The Association of Cost Engineers wants to convince Planning Engineers that they are a most welcome and appropriate part of the membership mix.

We aim, therefore, to provide useful information and services to planning specialists, who may, through personal contact, and through the Association Website, benefit by having access to a professional source of knowledge.

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The Planning Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Planning SIG is focused on providing a source of professional information and opinion to Planning Specialists. The Group recognizes that there are many occasions when a topic arises which demands debate, exchanges of views, or simply an answer to the question "How do you do XXX?"

The philosophy is that you can register your point, or question, in the SIG pages of the website, and open it for debate, discussion or, simply, an answer. The objective is that the collective intelligence, knowledge and experience of the members of the SIG will provide benefit to every member. It is recognized that this will be a developing process but it will be for you, the SIG Planning Specialists, to support this development as you wish.

Event Listing

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Planning Discussion Themes


Some of the themes currently under discussion are:

  • Providing a "professional home" for planning engineers
  • Promoting the benefits of good planning via "Project Control PROFESSIONAL" (our Association Journal) and this Website
  • Encouraging the cost/planning integration process
  • Encouraging the submission of relevant articles for publication (you may be a budding author, who wants to share your ideas with the profession)
  • Placing planning firmly in context with good Project Controls (ie non-recurring work) but also in other contexts such as maintenance, operations, manufacturing (ie recurring work)
  • Using this Web-site as a forum for the exchange of ideas and for Planning communications between specialists
  • Providing a "Vacancy" section for job hunters (the Association probably comprises one of the most comprehensive "networking" facilities in industry. )

Other topics which are on our "hit" list and will be addressed in due course:

  • Development and utilisation of Work Breakdown Structures and the relationship with Cost Breakdown Structures
  • Performance criteria such as Earned Value Analysis and formal Performance Indices
  • Sound Baselines, including monitoring and control
  • The contribution of disciplined Change Control
  • Economic and effective Reporting Structures.
  • The structuring of approaches to planning within a business and the extent to which it is required, related to the nature of the business.

Planning topics are also covered in the journal of the Association- "Project Control PROFESSIONAL", and any ideas- or even contributions- are always welcome.

All enquiries will be welcomed, including your suggestions on topics we should be addressing.

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